YSI is an impact investing fund that supports young entrepreneurs and their solutions to our world’s biggest problems.

We recognize that youth are brimming with innovative ideas to tackle the complex challenges that confront today’s society. Yet without an established credit history, assets, and business experience required by traditional investment models, young social entrepreneurs face challenges securing the necessary funding to accomplish their goals.

We also recognize that investors are becoming increasingly unsatisfied with their current investment portfolio and opportunities. They want their investments to earn financial returns while simultaneously positively impacting the world.

YSI bridges the gap between the needs of young social entrepreneurs and impact investors by:

  • Providing young social entrepreneurs with debt financing and resources that facilitate successful venture growth,
  • Offering triple-bottom-line investment opportunities that generate financial, social, and environmental returns.

This is accomplished through up to $65,000 of debt financing to young social entrepreneurs. YSI partners with Futurpreneur Canada, formerly Canadian Youth Business Foundation, to provide financing and support to young social entrepreneurs and their ventures.  Through this partnership, all accepted YSI applicants secure up to $50,000 from the YSI program and also have the option of receiving an additional $15,000 in startup financing from Futurpreneur. 

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