Global Entrepreneurship Week took place last month and after a few weeks of reflecting on all the wonderful insight gained, YSI-CF’s own Patrick Lung at the University of North Carolina describes what an entrepreneurial-focused youth can gain from this fantastic global initiative:

Global Entrepreneurship Week is a big deal at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, sporting 24 different events over, well, a week. I had a busy week and attended only three events, but learned so much from them that I would not hesitate to recommend next year’s festivities.

The first event was the Carolina Challenge Pitch Party. I didn’t have an idea, but wanted to meet with others to see what they were doing. I listened to pitches by an online education credentials service, a social network that filters based on physical interactions, a web tool that actively guards against phishing, and even a gluten- and dairy-free baking dough product. It was amazing to see them go through their presentations in just three minutes with two other entrepreneurs in the same room speaking simultaneously. Afterwards, I met with some tech entrepreneurs and we agreed to meet up for coffee sometime. All in two hours.

The second event I attended was a panel of young alumni entrepreneurs, many of whom were well known and still working on their ventures. It’s inspiring to hear their stories about gradually finding success in the real world, something we’re often reminded of as a terrible place. They gave advice about finding co-founders, technical help, and seeking legal advice. It was an inspiring talk and put me into the entrepreneurial mindset. I went home right after and wrote a business plan that won my team an event just a day after.

Lastly, I attended the 24 hour Entrepreneurathon. This was a meeting between entrepreneurs and developers, co-hosted by the Entrepreneurship Minor and the Computer Science department. I attended with a team, and we developed a food sharing service to win 1st place. However, it was the work that we finished that helped us win – we wrote a business plan, printed business cards, created a promotional video, and launched a full-fledged website in that time. I’ve never worked so hard and enjoyed it so much.

In these past few days, I networked with some of the top up-and-coming youths, was inspired by successful entrepreneurs, and found a team and idea that I know I will work with in the future.

I guess it was a good week!

Link for more information:!schedule/c23w9

Written by Patrick Lung, Business Development Coordinator