Active Investments

YSI proudly supports four young social entrepreneurs and their social enterprises:

Social Asset Measurements

Anshula Chowdhury

Anshula Chowdhury is the founder and CEO of Social Asset Measurements (SAM).

Anshula founded SAM when she was studying economics at the University of Toronto and has since built SAM into an industry innovator and leader. Prior to SAM, she co-founded Young Social Entrepreneurs of Canada. She also has international development experience in India and Jamaica.

Social Asset Measurements is a software company dedicated to measuring impact.

SAM is a platform that enables clients to demonstrate, improve, and fund impact. SAM works with notable clients like the Government of Canada, J.W. McConnell Family Foundation, Alterna Savings and Credit Union, Ontario Centres of Excellence, and the United Way.

Textbooks for Change

Chris Jansen

Chris Janssen is a graduate of the Richard Ivey School of Business. At 23 years old, Chris is a budding serial entrepreneur. Past success includes a Halloween costume pop-up shop in London, Ontario that generated revenues of $23,000 in a two week selling period. Chris leads T4C’s textbook collection strategy.

Tom Hardford

Tom Hartford is 22 years old and a graduate of Western University, earning a degree in Business Management and Organizational Studies with a specialty in Finance. He worked at Assante Wealth Management prior to teaming up with Chris at T4C. Tom manages operations and textbook distribution.

Textbooks for Change

Textbooks for Change transforms every used textbook into something positive.

Textbooks for Change collects and re-purposes textbooks that would otherwise sit idle or end up in landfills. Textbooks for Change re-sells used textbooks to students at affordable prices, donates them to in-need libraries, or ensures they are recycled properly since many recycling plants cannot process the glue that binds the covers of books.

Growth Mosaic

Wayne Miranda

Wayne Miranda is the founder and CEO of Growth Mosaic.

With five years of business development experience in sub-Saharan Africa, Wayne is a strong believer in the hypothesis that job creation is the ultimate poverty reduction tool. A graduate of the University of Waterloo, Wayne held numerous positions at Engineers Without Borders Canada prior to launching Growth Mosaic.

Growth Mosaic prepares West-African social enterprises to access and manage growth capital.

Growth Mosaic offers services to their clients that improve operational efficiency, lower costs, and increase the viability of becoming attractive investment opportunities. Their clients generate both an economic and social impact.


Jeremy O'Krafka

Jeremy O’Krafka is the founder and CEO of MENTORnetwork.

He is a member of CSI Regent Park, client of ventureLAB, graduate of Wilfrid Laurier University, past-President of JCI (Junior Chamber International) Toronto, acted as the Corporate Partnerships Lead for BizLaunch, and produced a Guinness World Record setting event with the Ontario Centres of Excellence for the “World’s Largest Business Mentoring Event”.


MENTORnetwork is committed to creating a culture of mentorship across Canada.

MENTORnetwork develops programs and resources to support individuals accessing mentorship. Their online mentor-matching platform called MENTORup provides a network of mentors to support entrepreneurs and social innovators in the Greater Toronto Area.