What We Offer

Welcome Young Social Entrepreneurs

The Youth Social Innovation Capital Fund is here to support you along your way to changing the world. We believe in your potential to have a significant impact and we are committed to providing you with the skills, connections and financial resources to do so.

In appreciating the diverse backgrounds from which our Young Social Innovators come, we realize that you have distinct skills as well as unique needs. Therefore, our programs are designed to provide you with a specialized and comprehensive basket of support.

YSI-CF Microloans 

Our national micro-loaning program distributes small $1,000-$10,000 loans to young innovators with early stage venture plans. The loans are allocated through an application process. All finalists are given access to ongoing networking opportunities, educational workshops, mentorship and social impact measurement services through the Youth Social Innovation Capital Fund.

To apply for a micro-loan, please complete our short application form and email it to applications@youthsocialinnovation.orgWe are currently accepting applications on an on-going basis. Before you apply, please read our eligibility criteria.

Case Study: Past Loan Recipient

Preparing the Trail is a non-profit organization that plants trees along eroded running paths. Using geo-location, the number of trees planted are tracked on their site. These trees can be “adopted,” and the proceeds of the adoption go to funding partner, Right to Play. In 2010, Preparing the Trail received a $1000 micro-loan from the Social Finance Chain to purchase its inventory.

“The Social Finance Chain funding was kind of a saviour at the point when we got it. The moral support was also crucial: it gave us a sense of confidence in our programs.” -Mike Edwards, Executive Director of Preparing the Trail

Non-Financial Resources:

  • Consistent and comprehensive support for the development of your enterprise and for your growth as an entrepreneur
  • Learning and mentorship opportunities to build your business skills and industry knowledge
  • A network of socially-motivated entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds
  • Advocacy for young social innovators through trailblazing research and impact measurement